Bespoke Shades

Bespoke Shades

We specialise in bespoke solutions, with fixed or retractable options.

Our fabric design department can transform domestic, retail and public environments. Structural flexibility, detailing and energy conservation are paramount in our design standards. Our bespoke service includes all design and engineering aspect from planning to installation.

Key benefits of the sail structures are: cost, contemporary image, advertising opportunity, flexibility of space and a dynamic but tranquil atmosphere.

Eco friendly – The raw material consists exclusively of carbon and hydrogen. There is no waste yarn in spinning process.

Hydrophobic yarn – Aquastop is hydrophobic by nature: with a maximum absorption rate of 0,05% is the least absorbent yarn available for soft woven textiles. As it does not absorb moisture into the fibre, drying time is minimal.

Lightweight – Aquastop is the lightest of all fibres and is lighter than water (density is 0.91). It is 30% lighter than polyester, 20% lighter than nylon and 25% lighter than Acrylic.

Thermal conductivity – This fibre possesses the lowest thermal conductivity of any natural or synthetic fibre. The insulation factor is greater by weight for Aquastop than other fibre.

Chemically resistant – Aquastop will not react to ordinary chemicals, body salts or sweat and will not degrade in their presence. Why is this significant? Even if attacked by acid rain, it will not break down.

No retention – Bacteria, mould and mildew cannot grow on AQUASTOP, and will not damage the fibre. This because they only grow with water.

Colour fastness – Aquastop is pre-coloured in the liquid stage before spinning so the colour in the fibre is part of the fibre itself. This fibre will hold colour no matter the final use. During life of the fabric colours won’t be damaged. The test method selected for Colour fastness to light was the European UNI EN ISO 105 B02 and give 7-8/8 in the Blue Scale.

Abrasion resistant – It is a durable fibre, and will withstand use and tear. Fabric will stay looking new for longer. The abrasion resistance to the Martindale test method leaves the woven unchanged after 50.000 cycles. The Spray Test has given the highest result in the evaluation scale